January 8, 2013

Sondheim and his Assassins

Photo: Susan Benoit

SondheimFest is nigh upon us, celebrating the work of the man who dragged the traditional musical ("kicking and screaming"or "dancing and singing" if you will) into the modern age.

I don't go in for many musicals, frankly. Too often the songs, dances and (typically) high production values are covers for shoddy storytelling and broad acting. And Sondheim agrees, which is probably why I enjoy his works so much. From West Side Story to Sweeney Todd to Assassins, Sondheim has insisted on the musical carrying its weight as an art form.

All that to say, if you want to see a musical with me, let's head out to SondheimFest together; there's a number of productions by tremendous local indy companies I want to see. I promise to leave my grumpy face at home.

Oh — and here's a preview piece I wrote for the Projector on one of the shows. Cheers!

Assassins exposes dark side of the American dream

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