December 31, 2012

New words for a new CreComm year

Is it just me, or did 2012 suck as far as years go?
But look at us; we're here. We're alive (we must be if we're reading this post). We made it! The obvious conclusion is that we rock. And who are we to argue with the obvious?
Here's eight new words to kill off the year. Die MMXII. Die.

Double-bouncing - working multiple radio edit suites to convert audio files simultaneously

Forgotchya - gift card or trinket purchased as a last-minute present

Industrese - hilarious communications industry gossip, deadly dull to outsiders trapped in the conversation

Zoner - erection that comes from being inspired

Burnover - rate that an organization/business loses workers due to stress

Facehole - nice enough in person, but a total jerk online

At bloggerheads - state of tension between yourself and the blog you know you should be updating

Inappostpriate - unprofessional or risky social media content that shouldn't be posted for fear of negative impressions made on future employers... this blog post, mayhaps?


December 21, 2012

A Working Vacation

Are you one of those people? Do you have a hard time switching from workaholic mode to relaxation time?

Because I do. I've found when I have "downtime" I'll either fill it up with work or restlessly pace the room, unable or unwilling to do something just for pleasure. It's unnerving to have a free day stretching before me and not know how to fill it. I don't remember having that problem as a child, when going to the moon, painting an epic masterpiece and catching a frog were all decent options to waste the day.

And now I'm going out to the countryside for a few days, where relaxation is more or less enforced. Ye gods.

How do you deal with downtime? Do you find the switch between work and play easy? Any sweet plans for the holidays I can copy (or enjoy through you vicariously)?

December 15, 2012

Heartbeat To Go

My independent professional project Heartbeat is well past the halfway point. January is going to have tremendous guests and with an easier class schedule, I'm hoping to bump production quality up too.

I'm also hoping to market the show more, reaching out to the young, hip, cultural consumers of Winnipeg who are on the go and don't have time for an hour long podcast. Hence, Heartbeat To Go - the chopping up of my regular episodes into byte-sized chunks (See what I did there? It's that kind of wit which will propel me to the heights of the media landscape).

Here are some of my favourite stories from the past three months, served in e-shot glasses. Cheers!