June 7, 2015

New York Notes

A year ago, Mel and I were in New York for the first time. It won't be the last; the city had us dancing to its tune before we'd crossed the second street.

I made notes during our week-long stay, with the intention of fleshing them out into a fuller blog post once we were home. Now it's been a year and this bare skeleton was still hanging in my smartphone. And I like it as it is. So much of New York lives in our imagination it seems silly to nail it down with adjectives and verbs.

Day 1 - arrival after tight flight,  subway, crowds, trish, homesick, restaurant,  groceries,  central park, baseball, steak, watched blue bloods and said hey look, we're there

Day 2 - sleeping in, Puerto Rican Parade, Starbucks, Moma, Don Anonios, waiter from Naples, Broadway and times Square, seeing the high line, Sleep No More, jazz after, walk home helping a german couple,  watch the Tonys

Day 3 - rain, Greenwich, Washington square, bookstore, Daily Show no go, run the hills of Central Park, pub after to see Rangers lose game 3

Day 4 - late start, buy tickets, walk to Guggenheim,  rush through Met, deli supper, All the Way, oh no I messed up Mel's pic with Bryan Cranston!

Day 5 - Grand Central, Macy's, cheap luggage at thrift store, deli, cooking pizza on gas oven, American news is odd, wine, dirty jokes from the theater porter, Realistic Jonses

Day 6 - morning run by reservoir in Central Park, Gangs tour, fake coffee for wifi, the gilroy, Rats!, rooftop supper, If/Then,  walk back in the rain

Day 7 - great start to the day, cleaning, central park - no boats :(, just imagine, ferry view, rainstorm, harlem jazz, good bye

There's so much more to do

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