September 21, 2012

Express yourself

Not much to say today, being in the middle of a heavy slog at school. Where first year in Creative Communications was difficult for it's sharp (occasionally cutting) learning curve, second year is hard for it's heavy workload. So it seems, anyways. Evidence: being a day behind the news cycle

Matt: Mel, did you see this video of Romney?
Mel: (yawns) The one where he says being Latino would make winning the presidency easier and calls 47% of Americans entitled for wanting housing and food?
Matt: ...

So a short blog post, pointing to this lovely video on YouTube. This past week I was sitting at Frozen Comfort, meeting with the owners to talk about rebranding their business and marketing online. I hope I made a good case for the Twitter and the Facebook, but this video does it better (my pie charts don't have the impact they used to).

And below a low-quality video of high-octane Winnipeg band Yes We Mystic, belting out Odessa Steps. These kids (and now I'm thirty, I can call anyone in their twenties "kids") are smoking, stompin', achingly good. Be advised.

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