September 28, 2012

A pleasant distraction (aka Heartbeat test trailer)

There are three major writing projects on the go this week: a marketing brand analysis, a case for support for a non-profit and a public relations strategy for a recently launched online radio station. And while I'm interested in each and every one of those projects, I find I can only write continuously for so many hours before my brain and my output devolves into mush.

I've found a pleasant distraction, however, that's allows me to take a quick creative jog around the block before returning to word crunches. It's my independent professional project Heartbeat, an arts-focused interview show that launches this November on Red River Radio. True, when November arrives and the dangling Sword of Deadlines quivers just over my head, Heartbeat may become less a pleasant distraction then a fountain of problems. But for now, I'm tooling around, there aren't consequences and the results please me.

Like this video trailer. You like? Does this mini-ad catch your fancy? Or not? Your honest feedback would be appreciated as well as invaluable.

Happy weekend!

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