January 8, 2015

Beer Advent Final Thoughts

The Craft Beer Advent Calendar 2014 is complete.  It has been a really interesting 24 beers with a lot of variety and a veritable world tour of brews.  My wife asked if I’d be interested in doing this again.  ABSOLUTELY.  It was a fantastic experience that gave me the opportunity to try beers that I might never have the chance to try again.  I certainly hope I can for some of them, others…I’m okay not having them again.

So, let us wrap up the post with some statistics.

We had 24 beers all of which were a different style or variation on a style.
We visited

United States (3)
Netherlands (2)
Germany (2)
Brazil (2)
Guyane Francaise
England (2)
New Zealand
South Africa

We managed to hit 6 continents through this with the following stats
·         Europe (Scotland, Finland, Norway, England, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Italy)
·         North America (United States, Mexico)
·         South America (Guyane Francaise, Brazil)
·         Asia (Israel)
·         Africa (South Africa)
·         Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)

Certainly the majority of the beers came from the European countries with absolutely NONE coming from Canada.  We had some repeat countries as listed above with 3 coming from the United States as the top contributor.

My favorite beer for the entire 24 days?  It’s actually rather funny that I should have my favorite beer on the fourth day of the Calendar!  My favorite beer from the entire calendar comes to us from:

Peak Brewing Company in Portland, Maine and is the Hop Blanc

What a journey it has been.  I’m glad to have taken it and hope that you all following along enjoyed it as well.  Please continue to follow me as I blog at my new home: www.beerwinnipeg.com

I hope to see you all there!

- Beer Winnipeg

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  1. Anonymous1/08/2015

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to blog about beer. I hope that your readers enjoyed it and will continue to follow along with me over at www.beerwinnipeg.com

    I'm also more than happy to blog about beer on your behalf too! Just ask and you shall receive!