November 2, 2011

Selling Booze in Manitoba

This past while, Kenton Larsen has been guiding our advertising class through the stormy waters of liquor advertising in Manitoba. While ads from the States (and even other provinces) are not subject to the MLCC's sometimes bizarre, often confusing rules, locally produced ads are. Some examples of the law:
  • A bar shouldn't speak about the liquor it serves as an "escape" from life's troubles
  • No one can be seen to consume any alcohol
  • A car cannot be heard
  • You cannot use children's music
And so on. I decided to test the limits of these rules (against Kenton's wise warnings) by openly mocking them. If I quote the law that says an ad can't speak to the quality of the booze (I wondered), will I get away with it?

No! Kenton faxed (who does that anymore?) some of our ads over to the MLCC to check if they were on the level. And mine was struck down for implying the very thing I was speaking against. Which... is what I was doing. So I am justly caught. Sigh...

I did get the satisfaction of a good quote though. As relayed to me by Kenton Larsen, the MLCC employee's response to my ad was:

"Your student has broken the law in a very clever way."

Worth the autofail friends, worth the autofail.


  1. Added irony - at this time the MLCC's rules don't apply to online advertising (the laws were written pre-internet). So the ad can run here without fear! Huzzah!

  2. Apparently you can't make "getting high" references either. We are too cheeky for our own good.

  3. very edgy (and funny).