June 30, 2012

My Peasant Project

I have spare minutes at work every now and then. I usually fill them with online reading, picking my toes and decorative origami, but I'm also working on my writing skills. Specifically, pumping out 140 ironic characters.

Yes! My years of education and experience have finally born fruit in a fake Twitter account! @Mom will be so proud.

@PeasantTweet is written by an 11th century Bulgarian peasant. He's married, usually has 8 children (depending on mortality and market rates) and loves to dig.

Is this a great big waste of time? Yes (though I'm sure the three bots following me would be devastated if I quit). On the other hand, taking my daily problems and filtering them through a snarky medieval serf helps me stay cool, yo. 

So follow @PeasantTweet. Or better, start your own fake Twitter accounts. Who knows, maybe one day you too can proudly stand beside my favourite comedy accounts - @CobraCommander, @Sockington or even @PMHarper (a person who tweets just like a bot - love it!)


  1. If you're into the fake accounts, @Its_Death can be pretty funny as well.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Also, if you like a long read and don't mind foul language, @mayoremanuel is one of the best epic fake Twitter accounts.

    Created during the last Chicago mayoral election and written by a creative writing instructor, it easily eclipsed the real candidate's Twitter account with it's stories of living in a crawlspace, duck companions and multiple universes.