February 9, 2013

Cat to English translations


Meow = Hello.
Meow = Get lost.
Meow = I have thrown up somewhere in the house.
Meow = Where has everyone gone? Why did you all abandon me!?!
Meow = I'm concerned the clock is slow; are you sure it's 4 am?
Meow = Feed me, hairless meatsack, for I teeter on the edge of starvation.
Meow = There is another goddamn cat in the yard!!!
Meow = Play with me or I'll cut you.
Meow = That floss was delicious.
Meow = This wet food is 'chicken in gravy', not 'turkey in gravy.' My soul has touched the abyss.
Meow = That nap was exHAUSTing. Better sleep it off.

1 comment:

  1. Years of learning made you fluent in cat. My two teachers are still not too impressed with my knowledge ;-)