February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day PR

Poor Valentine's Day is annually overloaded with soundbytes, garish graphics and vulgar copy from anyone with a trinket to push. Forgive me, PR brethren, but you're beating Saint Valentine to a second death (perhaps less painful than his first).

But not every idea is dreadful - some do seem in the true spirit of Valentine's Day (Oh, there is a true spirit, ye cynics) instead of exploiting it. From the PR family's notoriously mixed bag, here are your Valentine's Headlines:

Lavalife Unearths the Secret Sexiness of Bold Women

End Your Relationship with Tobacco this Valentine's Day

Dove erects Valentine's Day tweet screen

The aphrodisiac pie (the secret ingredient is love... and bull testicle)

New Zealand radio station's controversial "Win a Divorce" contest

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