March 20, 2013


Creative Communications is rapidly wrapping and I'm pounding the pavement for work, If it interests you, surf on over to my online professional portfolio and check out what two years of shenanigans will produce.

When I look back on what I've accomplished, I'm deeply grateful — for the opportunity, for the company I've kept and for the supporting friends and family who got me in (and through) the program.

If there's something good in this work, it's all your fault.

Thank you.

PS: The site is a work in progress. Any feedback you have is appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. This looks great, Matt. It's super impressive to see what you've done throughout these two years. Super impressive. I want to start a successful company for the sole purpose of hiring you after reading through that portfolio.

    Don't let my exaggeration take away from how good I actually think it is. Great job.