December 14, 2014

Holiday shopping made better

A few years ago my family made an excellent choice to simplify spending over the holidays. At first we switched to Secret Santa style giving (like your office party, but without the weird passive aggressive politics), but we took an even awesomer leap this year and are making donations to charities. Go Team Impossible Last Name!

Mel and I made our gift to Growing Opportunities International, a Winnipeg-based fundraising charity that supports community-driven projects in

Their current big push is for Hero Home, a community sports centre in northern rural Tanzania being spearheaded by Tabitah Martin, a Tanzanian marathoner and national coach. It'll be a safe place for kids can go to play, learn and be nurtured.

Like a lot of clever charity projects, you can see exactly what your dollars are going toward. Want to buy nails? You can do that. Sand? Then let's call you the Sand Man. If you're into that.

PLUS, if you donate before the end of Monday, December 15, you're entered to a draw to win 5 hours of customized tattooing from Ivy Gowen at Metamorphosis Custom Tattoo, inking "Sand Man" on your bicep like a boss.

Get in on this. Or donate to whichever charity you support. It's shopping from your computer at home, so you skip the mall, plus you can skip the "will they like it?" anxiety. Everyone wins.

Happy holidays!

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