May 27, 2013

Half an update

The Manitoba Marathon (I'm doing the half) is 19 days away. I've got under three weeks left to bump my farthest distance ever (16K last fall) up to 21K. Right now I'm at the 13K point, keeping an average pace under 5:30/K.

Here's what I've learned so far. It ain't much, so please add your thoughts in the comments and our collective wisdom will carry me over the finish line.

1) Don't skip training days

2) Sports glide was forged by angels

3) Those new runners (above)? Worth every penny

4) Don't drink two cups of coffee the day of a run. The energy/hydration trade off is not worth it.

5) Music makes running a thousand times easier (any Songza playlist recommends would be appreciated)

6) Don't judge yourself too quickly, the first few miles are always a warm-up time. And don't judge yourself at the end, you're still working toward a goal and there's time to make it. So judge yourself in the middle ;)

1 comment:

  1. The Perfect Drive playlist on Songza is a beaut.
    And not matter how tired you are, don't ever stop running. Loss of physical and mental momentum is your worst enemy.