January 10, 2012


I just finished watching Emilio Estevez's film Bobby; it's a series of character sketches and stories set at the Ambassador Hotel the day Robert Kennedy was shot. Not the greatest biopic IMHO, largely because the effort to cram in their star-studded cast robs most stories of decent playing time.

What the film does do well is convey the level of hope Americans had that Bobby Kennedy would be an answer to their troubled times. He never had a chance to either fulfill or fall short of those dreams, but that doesn't make his calls for peace and justice any less reasonable. Or moving.

Last year Winnipeg broke it's record for homicides. We barely stayed under 40, though not due to a lack of effort.

Here's Bobby Kennedy's address to the Cleveland City Club the day after Dr. King was assassinated. You can read the text here. The context (and slideshow) is American; the sentiment is universal.

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