January 18, 2012

ShawFest - Ready, Set, Go

When I signed up for college this year, I knew I'd have to cut down on performing; my class schedule is too intense. And of all years, the year the Master Playwright is Shaw! I love Shaw (at least what I've read) and his epic, witty tacklings of politics, religion, business and the human spirit (usually in the same play). So I was bummed I'd be sitting on the sidelines.

But no! I got the call (or was it a tweet?) from RMTC to blog this year. I get to contribute to your festival experience, you hearty Winnipeg theatre-goer, you!

And I get to be an official cheerleader for the groups participating. Which is good, because these are crazy days they're living. They're pulling together costumes and lights; doing final runs; reaching out to potential audiences. With time running low and budgets thin, the thread is usually stretched to the breaking point.

Now, I love me the RMTC. Their generous sharing of resources, expertise and enthusiasm make this festival happen (and I'm sure their production of Mrs. Warren's Profession will knock it out of the park). But I'm more excited for the indy companies. Not just because shoestring theatre done almost exclusively for the love of art is inspiring. But - to paraphrase a character from Slings & Arrows - I think the most exciting things happen just before the thread snaps.

Welcome to the festival.


  1. Anonymous1/18/2012

    Are you planning to share more details about show times and ticket prices?

  2. My bad! If you head to www.masterplaywrightfest.com you'll get descriptions of all the plays, showtimes and prices.

    Most of the tickets are around the $10 to $15 dollar area (with some deals for students and seniors).