January 7, 2012

A BRIC through the Advertising Window

CBC Radio's advertising program Age of Persuasion is undergoing a reboot - partly due to a departure by co-creator/writer Mike Tennant and partly due to a desire to podcast the show (limiting the amount of copyrighted material they can use on-air).

But mostly due to a subject shift. While Age of Persuasion has provided 5 seasons of solid retrospective on how advertising'marketing has arrived at its current incarnation, the more exciting conversation is what the future holds for advertising (especially as marketing shifts from one-way persuasion to two-way dialogue).

Behold the new program Under the Influence. Gifted storyteller Terry O'Reilly talks about the current trends in advertising, who's sharpening the cutting edge and - given advertising's relationship to society - where our civilization is heading.

The first episode just went live - you can read it on the website or download it on iTunes as a free podcast.

The BRIC Nations: How Rising Economies are Taking Over the Conversation
  • the story of a kidnapped Brazilian advertising superstar
  • how a Russian entrepreneur opened a bank to sell his vodka
  • why Nokia sent traveling musical companies through rural India
  • why Chinese-style piracy will soon be the norm

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