January 21, 2012

The Writing's on the Wall

I went to Village Wooing last night to kick off me ol' ShawFest theatre splurge. There's a lot I could say to recommend the play (had no idea Shaw was such a romantic, among other things) but I'd like to talk about the set. Which. Is. Gorgeous. Local visual artist Eric Lesage has been slicing up dictionaries, then weaving the strips together to make beautifully woven panels of words.

This lovely picture of Eric and his work (by Freep photographer Ruth Bonneville) doesn't do the work justice - it's something you have to see for yourself up close.

You can read Free Press reporter Alison Mayes' piece on the installation (called re: definition). You can find out more about the RAW Gallery (where Village Wooing is taking place).

And you can get yourself down to the show.

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