February 29, 2012

Making Mu$ic

The first time I heard Price Tag by Jessie J, I replayed it on the computer five times. What a fantastic sentiment. Hypocritical perhaps, given who it's coming from (the same way Christina Aguilera singing Beautiful seems a bit... funny). But no - maybe this is a desperate cry from an artist inside the industry, pleading for a gentler, kinder, less money obsessed world.

Then I saw the commercial below. With new lyrics to Price Tag.

Because, apparently, Jessie J found hers.


  1. Ok, honestly I was already thinking up my defence of Jessie before playing that second clip of the commercial (along the lines of "Well, she's not advocating no money, just not focusing you're happiness on only money..."). She actually reversed the words???? Nevermind that defence then. I'm going to have trouble not laughing when this comes on the radio from now on.

  2. Dr Rage2/29/2012

    First of all, what a totally gay/ commercial song in the first place. Are you in the least bit surprised that she sold it out to a commercial? She obviously wrote the song trying to get at a sentiment that had nothing to do with her career in the first place. Or did she even write the song? Perhaps someone else wrote it and she liked the hook and made it into a hit without even thinking about how hypocritical she was being by singing it.This girl is obviously 'in it for the money' or she wouldn't perform such trite commercial music while dressing like a stripper in the first place.

  3. Couple of things: I'm pretty sure that's not her singing the Monopoly ad, and it's very possible that she doesn't own the song: That McDonalds simply licensed it or even is using it under fair use as a parody. That said, who really knows.

  4. Dr. Rage - it's almost as objectionable as dissing something by calling it "gay." Almost.