March 21, 2012

Crystal City - Ads That Write Themselves

Not too long ago, I Facebook statused that 'you know your trip was stellar when every picture can be turned into an ad' endquote. I'm ready to back that statement up now. Behold, a few ads that might have been from my trip to Crystal City with Chantal Verrier and Chaley Voth for our CreComm Travel Assignment.


  1. I especially love the ski one. The framing is perfect. The travel assignment is always so much fun! Last year my friend and I checked out Brandon, and it was surprisingly fantastic. We saw a bunch of weird little shops, were told ghost stories at a local pub, and ate the best sandwiches of our lives. I would definitely do it again.

  2. Glad you like that one Albertine - I was thinking about it, but couldn't pass up using the lamb.
    The last time I spent a night in Brandon, I asked a waitress, "So, what do the fun people do in Brandon?"
    She answered, "They leave."
    Clearly, you had a better day than she was having :D