September 1, 2011


Welcome to the brand spanking new blog of Matthew TenBruggencate - occasional actor, news junkie and now RRC CreComm student.

And Winnipeg enthusiast. Which is an ironic title, as you'll be informed by anyone vaguely familiar with the city that loves to hate itself. In all my travels and ramblings (tramblings?), I've yet to come across a city with a deeper, more acknowledged, more celebrated self-esteem crisis than Winnipeg.

And it's kind of endearing. Like the misunderstood kid at the back of your classroom with the dark clothes, black hair, terrible poems and perpetual glum expression. That's right Emo-peg, I'm sweet on you. So let's sit down for a chat.

(occasional posts regarding CreComm, theatre and cats - you have been warned!)


  1. Nice-looking blog! The blogger "followers" gadget will help us follow your blog with ease.

  2. Forget what I just said - "Followers" gadget is back up.

  3. Can anyone really "own" a cat?
    Mine doesn't act as if I do.

  4. I once owned a cat, or should I say, it once owned me?

    - McCartney

  5. Fortunately my cats don't read my blog/twitter yet. Unlike other cats:!/sockington