September 16, 2011

MonaRita at Femfest

Looking to take in some great out-of-town theatre?

This week Femfest helps balance out the traditionally male-dominated theatre canon with plays by female playwrights (for everyone!). They have a mix of local acts and out-of-town shows; one of which comes pre-vetted.

I managed to catch MonaRita at this summer's Toronto Fringe festival and it is stellar. Weird, wacky, surreal story of two flawed women who need each other to stay sane. They've picked up ridiculously positive (and deservedly so) reviews from across the country (including "Outstanding Ensemble Award" at the TO Fringe). And they only have two shows in Winnipeg! OMG!

Catch MonaRita. While you can.

University of Winnipeg Theatre Building
Sunday, September 18 at 9pm
Tuesday, September 20 at 7pm
Tickets $10

The artists taking in their first Boon Burger.


  1. Cool - I had an IPP student last year who did a promo video for the fest.

  2. Nice! I'm looking forward to picking up some editing skills and making a "This is What to Expect When You Come to a Theatre" video for say.... every theatre company everywhere. A little something to break the ice.