September 10, 2011

Eating My Words

So last night a few fellows come over for an impromptu beer tasting. And I don't hang with "fellows" much - talk of hockey, football, engine repair, etc is pretty foreign to me (don't you want to talk about dance???) - but I know enough to nod my head when talking about the Jets coming back to Winnipeg. (side note: Picaroon's Irish Red Beer was unbelievably good. Look forward to my upcoming online campaign to get them sold in Manitoba Liquor Marts!)

(faces have been obscured to protect the educators)

Talk switches to discussing areas of the city where it's good to buy a house and I boast about downtown. Oh yes, there are issues - empty lots, crazy neighbours, high traffic. Sometimes the neighbourhood can be a bit "lively." But all in all people are just trying to get by. You're super close to everything, there are lots of new families, lots of immigrant families making a new start. It's an exciting part of the city to live in!

This morning I wake up to:

Dammit Downtown! I'm pulling for you but you've got to meet me halfway! Sigh...

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